Bombay Bycicle Club (UK)

A folk rock band from somewhere in London, they caught my eye few years ago when I was browsing through my favourite music blog don't be a coconut. The fact that they were my first real "indie" music crush made me want to start with them.

The band consists of lead vocalist/guitarist/banjo-ist/xylophonist/whatnot-ist Jack Steadman (a talanted, nerd-looking guy with a dreamy voice and bedroom eyes), just as talanted Jamie MacColl, bass guitarist/mandolinist/pianist Ed Nash and the drummer boy Suren de Saram.

BBC was formed early while the boys where still in high school (2006), but it was after they had tried their luck with many other musical projects. Funny fact, "Bombay Bicycle Club" was named after a chain of Indian restaurants in London. In 2008, when they had finally finished their studies, their real career could begin. Unfortunately, as it often happens, the run for success made them somewhat less appealing in my eyes, for example, their "How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep" being included as a bonus track in Twilight Eclipse's OST.

If I had to choose my favourite song, it would be "Always Like This". Video for "Magnet" , however, is way better. What can I do, I like colours.

Download (read this before): "Flaws" (2010), "I Had the Blues but I Shook them Loose"
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