Infinity of Sound (South Korea)

IS (Infinity of Sound) is a Korean trio blurring the boundaries between Korean traditional, electronic music, pop, and fusion.

The band consists of triplet sisters Kim Jin Ah (playing gayageum - a 12-stringed Korean arfa), Sun Ah (geomungo - a six-stringed Korean arfa), and Min Ah (haegeum - a two-stringed fiddle)

The 24-year-old girls are no amateurs, they graduated with honours from Korean University of Arts in 2007 and each have a Master’s Degree. They grasped media’s attention even before releasing their first album “Step One” because of their cameo roles as musicians of the royal court in Korean drama “Princess Hours”, as well as their pop song covers.

Their debut album is something along the lines of “Korean traditional music meets contemporary vocal”. In the second album, “In Dreams Vol 1”, the trio started to blend in electronic sounds. Their latest album, “In Dreams Vol 2” (aka, “Moana”) is a collaboration project with French artists Erik Aliana & Korogo Jam and introduces African rhythms.

Official MV for “Spring.”

Though the video above is beautiful and all, I find it too… glossy, you know? I enjoy watching their performances more.

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