Kråkesølv (Norway)

Lree, my Norwegian friend introduced me to them few weeks ago, and since then I can't keep my ears off this band.

Kråkesølv consists of Magnus Nohr Unstad (guitar, vocals), Frederik William Olsen (guitar, vocals),Peter Waldemar (bass), and Thomas Litangen (drums).

They started off in 2008 by playing in Kulturhuset Gimle concert (or something along the lines, please, Norwegian is not my forte) and quickly gathered audience by uploading their demo samples on Norwegian death metal site, though, search me, they don't sound deathmetal-ish to me.

So far, they have made two albums both receiving applause and good reviews. My absolute favourite video is for their debut single "Skredder". Its artistic beauty cannot be overlooked.

Download (read this before): Trådnøsting (2009), Bomtur til jorda (2010)
Buy: amzon
Visit: official site

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