Sesame and Cotton Candy (South Korea)

While browsing for new music, I stumbled across a new Korean indie group that released their debut album this September. Two things caught my eye: their imaginative name & their cover art (I mean, look at it!)

Then I downloaded their album & instantly fell in love. I was really fighting against the urge to write about them, since, well, my obsession with Korean entertainment is something people usually smirk at, but it was too good to keep quiet.

Anyway, I have spent few hours online, translating Korean music pages (since, of course, there is no info about the band in any language I speak), but without success. Their official story is whimsical and gives no facts whatsoever, except that they went to high school together in the same class and had problems recording their album. The main issue is their name, because traditionally a band name must mean something in Korean entertainment industry (hence the great amount of acronyms and numbers in kmusic scene), yet here is a band with a weird name that can’t be explained! Yup, it has no hidden meaning, it sounds ridiculous and lovely and, yes, Korean music critics think it is a big riot (now it is my time to smirk).

Whatever their story is, I love this album. It is carefree, fun, melodic and, most importantly, not in English.

Allow me to explain this… I walk around my earphones all the time, and they are extremely crucial to survive the hour ride to-and-from every day, but: a) I like my music loud to muffle the irritating conversations around me, b) I hate it when people are able to hear what I am listening to and judge me. I mean, hearing “love me, love me” from across the seat is not exactly something I want, not even talking about such lyrics as “die b*****”. You get the picture.

Oh, almost forgot, here, have a video from their performance (Song B).

Download (read this before): 참깨와 솜사탕
Buy: khm, good luck finding someone who actually sells it >_>
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