Cécile Corbel (France)

Cécile Corbel is a 31 year old French singer from Brittany with a MA degree in … archeology. First, she started with guitar, but already in her teens Cécile discovered the magic of harp during a concert of Elisa Vellia, a Greek harpist who soon became her teacher.

Now Cécile is known as the red haired Celtic elf telling stories in multiple languages, including French, Breton, Spanish, English, and even Japanese. Her pop-folk Celtic music attracted wider audience once she made it into the soundtrack of Japanese anime The Borrower Arietty (2010), which is how Juhi found it and forwarded her magical songs to me.

Her voice is a bit similar to Enya’s, but I doubt there are many artists whose compositions could even vaguely remind Cécile’s. She is the original.
“My music is often advertised as Celtic. Which is true in a sense considering the fact that the Celtic harp is my instrument, and that I draw much of my inspiration from Celtic art,” says Cécile. “I’d rather consider myself first and foremost as a singer-songwriter of my time. You can always find some Celtic or folk color in my music since they’re part of my identity, of my roots, but it’s not traditional music. It’s present-day music, really.”

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