Mich Gerber (Switzerland)

Mich or Michael Gerber was born in 1957 in a musical family of violinist and organist. His musical career began early, but only as a student he realized that bass is his thing, so to say. After the important, nirvana-like realization, he joined Bern Symphony Orchestra, and in his leisure time played around with different music styles, like, punk, rock and improvisation. At some point, he left the serious business and hit the road. Travelling through different continents gave him the fuel he needed to work on his solo project he released once back in Switzerland in 1997. Shortly after his return, he run into the talented drummer Gert Stäuble & they started performing together.

Once the word got out about him, Michael started collaborating with different artists, like, electronics guru Oli Kluster, Egyptian oud player Ahmad El Sawy, Indian flautist Sujav Bobade and singers Imogen Heap and Bajka. A beautifully colourful blur of world music, in other words.

In his work, Michael put layers upon layers of melodies, like painters put colours. He is the definition of modern bass, the bass orchestra. His music style is hard to describe, there is a bit of jazz, electronics, fusion, acoustics, ambient and even classical. I can imagine the headache shop clerks get when they have to “put” him under some label in the shelves :D

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P.S. My exam session is about to start, so there will be no music in my room for two long weeks... Keep your fingers crossed, will you? ^^