P.I.F. (Bulgaria)

P.I.F. (Patriots in Fashion), a band suggested by my Bulgarian buddy Zaharisa, has quite complicated history. Its core comes from 90’s band Resemblance, which in turn was formed from what was left from Crowfish. Resemblance was a band focused on so called “Seattle sound” or “grunge”. They worked quite actively for years and moved to Hungary. Once they decided to go back to Bulgaria, the band fell apart, and P.I.F. was born in 2000.

P.I.F. seems to be constantly changing with every new album they make, because of, as it was stated officially, “personal reasons and creative differences”. Now P.I.F. consists of 6 people: the core Dimo Stoyanov (vocals) and Ivan Velikov (guitars, backvocals), as well as Hristo Hristov (guitars, backing vocals), Pavlin Bachvarov (keyboards, backing vocals), Atanas Kasabov (drums, backing vocals), Martin Nikolov (bass guitar).

P.I.F.’s latest album can be downloaded free of charge and guilt from their official site, because, as the leading Patriot said, their “aim is not to fill manager's pockets with money, but to bring inspiration to people”.

My two favourite songs are “Приказка” (Story) and “Невидимо Дете” (Invisible Children). Here is their debut video for “Приказка”.


“Cigarette smoke,
An empty ink-pot,
And a story of old times.”

Download (read this before): “Passion in Fact” (press албумы/текстобе), Full Discography
Buy: Patriots In Fashion, Pictures In Frames
Visit: official site