Russian Red (Spain)

Lourdes Hernández, aka Russian Red, is an indie folk singer and songwriter from Madrid. Her musical career started with Brian Hunt, but the duo broke up before the release of her first album, “I Love your Glasses”.

It seems only natural to Lourdes to be singing in English, since she has always listened to music in this lingua franca. However, singing in English while calling herself Lourdes was a no-no. While searching for a perfect lipstick and an inspirational name, she came across her colour. Russian Red.
"I had a band without a name some time ago. Since then, I was haunted by an obsession: to find the ideal artistic name.One day, I fell in love with this colour that a girl was wearing. I pronounced its name, and now it is my pseudonym."

Musically, she reminds me of Feist and Regina Spector, voices filled with childlike innocence and summer breeze.

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