Dear Cloud (South Korea)

Dear Cloud (디어 클라우드), a band suggested by the musicologist Lree, was formed in the underground music area of Seoul, Hongdae. They started off experimenting with accoustic sounds minus the drums, just piano, accoustic guitars, bass, vocals... minimalism. However, rock took over, and Dear Cloud developed its rookie sound as we know it now.

The band consists of five members: Nine (vocal), Yong Rin (guitar), Irang (bass), Jeong Ah (keyboard) and Kwang Seok (drums). Nine and Yong Rin went to school together, Irang was studying in UK until asked to become a part of the band, Ron, the original drummer, went to army and was replaced by Kwang Seok.

Most of the songs are written by Yong Rin, and British modern rock (Radiohead, Travis, Coldplay) influences can be heard. “Dear Cloud’s music is powerful, yet not too heavy. Their sounds stand apart from modern Korean pop music, yet appeals to the public with their distinct musical features. Tightly woven adaptations, rich melodies, and shoe-gazing qualities are what set this newcomer group apart from other idol groups that overcrowd the Korean music scene.”

 Recently, Nine debuted as a solo artist, singing OST for her newly released book “Humming & Drawing” entitled 끝의 시작 (Beginning of an End).

P.S. And, no, my choice of MV was not because of the model-turned-actor Kim Jae Wook , why would you think that? [winks]

Download (read this before): Dear Cloud Vol. 1 (2007) , Grey (2008), Take the Air (2010)
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