Hiatus (UK)

Cyrus Shahrad, aka Hiatus, is a very talented young man, and, since I rarely ever use this adjective, that is saying something. Cyrus is a regular multi-tasker: a journalist, novelist, musician, composer and guide book editor; or, to use his own words, “jobbing journalist, nowhere novelist, misguided musician” and a “friend to sufferers of daytime hallucinations and nostalgia for events that may never have happened”.

Cyrus started making a name for himself somewhere in 2005, during the time he spent in Tehran, Iran, working as a journalist. Whether that year influenced his music or not (though I am of opinion that it did), it certainly inspired his first novel “The White World”, the winner of Daily Telegraph Novel 2007. “Writing is easy,” Cyrus later said. “All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.”

Cyrus the musician plays in a London underground band, whereas Hiatus the musician is the electronic guru that made me overcome my laziness and make a new blog entry. His music brings out the best of minimalist beats, jazz vocals and Middle East instrumental patterns. I stumbled across Hiatus while watching this inspirational video about Skating in Kabul (found on Chai’s tumblr). His music is, as described in UK music review, “hypnotic, spine tingling, melancholic and ultimatly wonderful”.

As if you could expect anything less from a man who sees “the whole universe in half a kiwi”.

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