Ciudad (Philippines)

Ciudad are one of those friends who have sticked together almost as long as since kindergarden. They started in 1994, when they were 13-14 year olds, and had to come up with a project for their Social Studies Class. What better way to stand out than to form a band and write a song? Well, they couldn’t exactly stop with one song, though…

Ciudad finally recorded their debut album in 2000 under BMG records, but even though the album received applause, Ciudad didn’t feel comfortable with working under someone. I guess they were just used working by themselves. Anyway, two years later boys walked out (slamming the door after them, I imagine) and went shopping for some recording equipment. 2 self-released albums later, Ciudad went jamming around Brooklyn and recorded their sessions to be offered for law-infringement & costs free download here.

 The band consists of Mikey Amistoso (vocals, bass), Justin Sunico (guitars, vocals) and Mitch Singson (drums).Their music style could be described as “happy bubble gum rock meets nerd pop and runs over a hipster” and has stayed pretty much unchanged.

Download (read this before): Is That Ciudad? Yes, Son, It's Me. (2003), Bring Your Friends (2008), Brooklyn Sessions (2010)
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