Niños Mutantes (Spain)

Yesterday I passed my Spanish exam with merit, and what better way to celebrate than blasting Spanish indie at full volume?

Niños Mutantes is a Spanish indie band from Granada formed in 1994. The name Mutant Children comes from an art exhibition in Berlin that deeply moved the newly formed band (the horrors of Chernobyl, remember?)

Initially, the band consisted of 3 members: Miguel Haro (bass, vocals), Nani Castañeda (drums) and Juan Alberto Martínez (guitar vocals). Nani and Miguel were already known in the Granada indie music scene by being part of the band Mama Baker. Juan started to attend Mama Baker rehearsals and to lend a hand where lyrics were concerned. Finally, instead of making Juan a part of Mama Baker, guys decided to form a parallel trio. Sometime after the release of their debut album, the boys went a step forward in sound by including keyboards, thus the fourth member, Rafael Torres found his way into Mutants, while Nani and Miguel left Mama Baker. Rafael didn’t stay for long, though, and was replaced by Andrés López (guitar, vocals).

Now, the boys have matured, leaving their punk selves behind to become a bit quieter, a bit deeper and a lot more interesting, in my opinion. Juan Alberto even published a book of poems! I love their new album “Las Noches de Insomnio” (Nights of Insomnia) more than the previous ones put together, especially the songs “Mi mala memoria” (My bad memory), “Quiéreme como soy” (Love me the way I am) and “Mi niño no quiere dormir” (My child doesn't want to sleep).
Here is the video for “Las Noches de Insomnio”.

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